Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Spoonful of grace-Book Spotlight and Giveaway

A Spoonful of Grace by Annette Hubbell
About the book (provided by I Read Book Tours)
Just 2 minutes each day can change your family meal time for a lifetime.

A Spoonful of Grace is a collection of 366 evening meal graces taken from all 66 books of the Bible and designed to provide meaningful exposure to prayer and the Bible at a most opportune time: the family evening meal. ​

The Scripture/grace devotions are inviting, can be grasped at several levels, and are brief enough (about two minutes) to hold the attention of hungry kids. Here's why:
  • Each day has an application section called Grace Notes: ideas and quotes to further illustrate the message and stimulate conversation.
  • Sundays are for Story Graces. These 52 devotions are a bit longer to afford the suspenseful, engrossing reading of stories such as David and Goliath, Daniel in the lions’ den, and Jonah and the big fish.
  • Special Graces are celebrations such as  Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays.
  • Each grace:
    • Supports discussions of God’s attributes and of faith-based values, offering moral examples like forgiveness, friendship, honesty, trust, even table manners.
    • Creates curiosity about the Bible and ways in which Scripture can be applied to today’s issues.
    • Demonstrates how the act of praying together lifts one’s own spirit; fosters praise; and increases mutual feelings of appreciation, gratefulness, and accountability.
    • Teaches without overt instruction, similar to hiding extra veggies in the spaghetti sauce.
    • Remind us that our food, as well as God’s countless other daily blessings, is a gift.

Book is available

  About the author
Annette Hubbell earned her undergraduate degree in Marketing from San Diego State University, her M.B.A. from Cal State University in San Marcos, and a Certificate in Christian Apologetics from Biola University.  She has been featured in over 160 performances, and starred in the DVD, “Witness to Gettysburg” edited by 33-time Emmy Award winner, Robert Gardner. She was awarded Presenter of the Year twice at the Civil War Round Table of San Diego, and is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

Hubbell lives in San Diego, California with her husband of 33 years, Monte. They have a daughter, Amy. She and her husband Scott live in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit or

Connect with the Author: Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Youtube

The tour
Click here to visit the tour

                                                                                                                   Click here to enter.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

If I Had A Tea Cup. . . (A Let's Pretend Tea Party)

. . . I would have a tea party.
I would invite a few friends
One would bring tea
One will dress up really pretty and bring cookies of course

I'll ask my friend from the library to bring a few books to enjoy

I'll set the tea cart with grandma's pretty glass dishes and pretty pink napkins . And ask my friends to pick some flowers from the garden Oh no we dropped some flower petals we must sweep before the party! . . .
And then we will be all ready for
The Fairy Princesses (in pink) to come in to our party. 
We'll eat cookies and drink tea.  And visit with our friends.
And then we will read one last book.
The very best one!
And as the fairy princess's (in pink) nod off. Because it's been a very busy morning they'll be dreaming about . . . 
Many more adventures and their next tea party.  
Can you guess who they are inviting?

Thank you for visiting my Let's Pretend Tea Party.  All photo's are taken by me.  All prop's are family heirlooms.  The photo's of the fairy princess are actually only one princess.  Who has grown up way too fast.  

This post will be linked at my favorite parties and the Tea Party at Bernideen's.  Click here to visit her party. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

On The Dinner Plate-And He Ate Pine Nuts!

 . . . And he said "Very creative and very good!"
Even though I try hard to make every meal creative.  Sometimes 
It is what is.  And pretty much it's just . . . 
Image result for boring  dinner
But I managed the other night to make dinner creative with a super simple meal.  

I began with Spinach ravioli.  Super simple frozen.
Image result for store brand frozen  spinach pasta ravioli
The choices were endless at Kroger.  I had two priorities easy and spinach in the actual pasta.  Not like the above.  Although doesn't that look yummy and not borrowing at all!  

The Cowboy and I although we like fresh spinach we aren't into frozen.  So I went with the spinach in the dough. 

It was a super simple meal with a Cesar Salad and a stuffed mushroom.  I simple stuffed the mushroom with some Pepperidge farm stuffing.   Drizzled with balsamic vinegar and topped with tomatoes and mozzarella. 

Basically my sauce consisted of . . . 
a little half/half 
lots of olive oil 
2 Tablespoons butter 
pinch red pepper flakes

And the pin nuts to top.   For only a few bucks (the mushrooms were marked down) we had a yummy meal.  That fed us and there was enough to take to each of our mothers.  (my mother didn't get a mushroom.  She won't eat them!)

I love it when the meals I cook aren't boring!  
And he ate the pine nuts!

A great fast frugal and yummy meal.  Now I can put my feet up!

Happy Homemaker Monday-A Few Plans For The Week

I thought I would give you a really big Welcome today.  We do things big here in Texas!  It's Monday so that means I am joining Sandra for . . . 
Image result for happy homemaker monday
The Weather
 Same as last week.  I had one word last week.  Hot this week I am adding another word Humid. The Cowboy is already counting down the days till cooler weather.  We've had some good rain showers.  The plants are loving it!

Right Now I  Am
 Thinking about my week.  Cooler weather. Gardening plans.
Wishing it was a little dryer to be out working in the garden. 

On My Reading Pile
 I always have so much to read that I've decided to choose one to share with you here each week.  The one I am looking the most forward to read.  In another post I'll share What's on my Reading Pile.  Today I am just itching to read . . .
book cover of 

Bones To Pick
This one was free a couple of weeks ago on Net Galley

Something fun to share

I found this the other day and thought it would be fun to share!
Click here to visit the blog.

I am thankful for
 The Cowboys job.  After 10 months he is back to making the salary he was prior to loosing his job last Sept. just a couple of weeks before we moved into our house.  
We were talking last night and we were both thanking God for his provision for us.  He was telling me last night that on Tuesday when he was paying bills he wrote out a tithe.  We also are able to choose a charity to make a donation.  We are thankful.

In the garden
 Weeds. Rocks. But it's getting better.  I have fall green beans planted and pumpkins.  On Saturday I prepped the area to plant beets and more green beans.  

On the menu this week
 Monday -- Mexican Chicken/Rice, Salad, Pinto Bean Soup
Tuesday -- Tuna Casserole w/peas, Salad
Wednesday -- Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Grean Beans
Thursday -- Kid Friendly Hot Dogs, Mac/cheese 
Friday -- Shrimp Alfredo, Broccolli/Cauliflower, Salad, Garlic Bread

Cooking a little different now a days.  The Cowboys mother is in recovering and needs encouragement to eat.  So I take her and my mother leftovers a couple days a week. 

In the kitchen
birthday cake bread with crumb topping
I am thinking this looks yummy and easy.  It's called Birthday Cake Bread I am wondering if it is really cakey or more like bread.  The recipe is over here

And this my friend Carol linked at the party.  Sound so yummy it's on my menu for this week!

Click here to visit Carol. Let her know I sent you!

Fabulous Features 
I am happy to feature my friend Laura from Harvest Lane Cottage. It is great to have her back and blogging this us. 
Last week she share a book with us. 

Laura's review is here

Fabulous Feature
You have to visit Jennifer at Raising Servant Leaders to see her best chocolate cookies post. 
Kitty Helper
 Her post is fun and precious and will bring a smile to your face.  
Click here to visit. 

On of my simple pleasures
I love meeting new blogging friends like Jennifer and introducing them to you!

From the camera
Sometimes you just have to share them again.  In case you didn't see the zoo post. 

Devo./ Scripture
@DwightKNelson  You are my place of quiet rest--my refuge, my hiding place, and my shield. Psalm 119:114
Thank you for dropping in today. 
I hope you enjoyed your visit!
Have a wonderful week!

Image result for my journey back happy homemaker monday

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Simple Sunday -Fabulous Party (All Week)

Have a Blessed
@DwightKNelson  You are my place of quiet rest--my refuge, my hiding place, and my shield. Psalm 119:114

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Things To Do On A Hot Summer Day . . .

. . . I could be Image result for grapevine lake texas well actually I wouldn't be doing that.  But maybe this Image result for grapevine lake texas there are some nice trails around the lake.   I'd love to live near a beach but we have lakes in our area of Texas.  

I am thankful I live in Texas and we have lots of lakes!

 Boating is big in Texas. Image result for grapevine lake texas
Image result for sailboats on grapevine lake texas Sailboats are fun to watch from the shore.

Image result for grapevine lake texas  There are nice campsites on the lake.
Or you can just pitch a tent and play on the little beach and around the park area.  Then go inside to cool down.

Image result for grapevine lake texas
 Bike riders, walkers, joggers.  And family's just spending time out doors.  

Our lake is even fun at night . . . 
Image result for picnicking on grapevine lake texas

Summers at the lake.  Awe.   
How do you spend a hot summer day?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Book Review- Courage to Change by Elizabeth Maddrey

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto a Giveaway.  Although 
I didn't win the book(s) I was introduced to a few new authors. 
I signed up for their newsletters and received a free book from each one!  
Courage to Change
About the book (provided from authors website)
When Phil Reid became a Christian and stopped drinking, his hard-partying wife Brandi divorced him. Reeling and betrayed, he becomes convinced Christians should never remarry, and resolves to guard his heart.
Allison Vasak has everything in her life under control, except for one thing. Her heart is irresistibly drawn to fellow attorney and coworker, Phil. Though she knows his history and believes that women should not initiate relationships, she longs to make her feelings known.
As Phil and Allison work closely together to help a pregnant teen, Allison melts his defenses. But when Brandi discovers Phil’s new relationship, she decides that though she doesn’t want him, no one else can have him. Can Phil and Allison’s love weather the chaos Brandi brings into their lives?
Courage to Change is classified as a 
Contemporary Inspirational Romance.  
I was pleasantly surprised . . . it is much more than the average sweet love story.  
There are multiple plots running  through the story making it much more than a romance. 

Elizabeth Maddrey weaves together the topics of teen pregnancy,adoption, divorce and remarriage  all while giving us a book with some drama, suspense and good clean romance. 

Phil and Allison are coworkers and friends.  They've worked together a few years.  
Allison secretly has an interest in Phil.
Phil although he is interested in Allison struggles with his personal relationship with God because of his divorce a few years prior.

Phil and Allison are thrown together by Lindsey a pregnant teenager whose father has consulted Phil about pressing charges on the girls adult boyfriend.  

Allison's relationship with Lindsey grows as she helps Lindsey through the challenges of making decisions about whether to keep her baby.

All along Phil is struggling with his feelings about being a divorced Christian and his ex wife's reappearance in his life when
she begins stalking Phil and then Allison when she finds out about their growing relationship. 

Courage to Change is a great book!  I am glad that I got the opportunity to read it.  It is a good romance with some drama, twists and turns and a good 'ole happy ending.  

While Courage to Change is book 2 in the series it is written as a stand alone.  There are some characters from book 1 who return as part of the cast.  

I recommend this book for anyone that loves a good clean story with a message.  I am looking forward to the chance to read more from the series.  

Visit the authors website  for more information about the series, other books and to purchase.  

Or click here to purchase on Amazon.

Rarely do I give books 5 stars Courage to Change deserves 
5 stars.  

I received a complimentary copy from the author. 
This review will appear on all retail sites where available.
This review will appear on My Reading Journeys and on 
Good Reads. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

 Image result for happy homemaker monday

Welcome to Happy Homemaker Monday where I join Sandra to share a look at my weeks plans and a few other things!

The Weather  Summer in Texas is easily described in one word
Hot our temps range from upper 90's to triple digits.  Some days the heat index is over 100.   It is what it is.  Gotta love it!

Right Now I  Am
 Glad for some rain coming our way.  Blessed rain cools it off and saves on the water bill.  Thank you Jesus!

On My Reading Pile
 The mail man has been dropping by!
A few I'll be reviewing here in the next few months.  I think you might be interested in . . . 
Product Details Product Details
These I'll be reviewing soon.  I am looking forward to reading 
God's Crime Scene with my grandson.

I have a couple I am looking forward to reading and reviewing on my book review blog.  Have you visit me over at my blog?
My Reading Journeys is my busy place.  I usually post a review daily.  Mostly cozy mystery's, some thriller and suspense and a little romance.  Come and see me over here.
Here are a few I'll be reviewing there soon . . . 

Product DetailsProduct DetailsI'll be reviewing these for the Great Escapes Tours.
And I am reading for fun.  I stumbled onto it on Net Galley.
Product DetailsHello...I live in Texas and am married to my very own Cowboy!  Think I'll like it?

Something fun to share
We're already thinking about Christmas over at Our Holiday Journey. This week I'll be sharing posts (mine and others) with tips, recipes decorating ides and how to's.  Come by and visit.

I am thankful for
Rain in August.  God's provision and promises. Family.

In the garden
Green Beans planted.  Blooms on my pumpkin vines!

On the menu this week
Monday -- Pot Roast, Carrots and Mashed Potatoes
Tuesday --Bar-B-Que (leftover Sunday lunch) New Potatoe Salad
Wednesday -- We call it Goulash, Corn on Cob, Brocolli Salad
Thursday -- Salmon Burger w/ Avacado Salsa, Fries
Friday --  Pot Roast Pot Pie, Salad and dessert

To Do List--Pinterest boards clean up, weed garden, till for planting, Start on Christmas sewing

Fabulous Features
Lindsey at Simply September shared a post about decorating with books.
Click Here to visit the post.  

Fabulous Feature
I loved the post title Career Girl vs Career Homemaker written by Mimi @ Tray of Bliss.  This  post spoke to my heart I hope you'll visit Mimi over here

On of my simple pleasures
A Saturday road trip with my daughter.  It's been a long time! 
We got to spend the day together traveling to Waco, Texas to visit the Silo's.  We didn't see Chip and JoAnna.  But we saw more people than I could count.  It was hot!  It was crowded!
But it was delightful.  I didn't buy a thing! 
I loved the company.  That was the best part!

Devo./ Scripture
Never will I leave you, Never will I forsake you - Hebrews 13:5
Available here

Thanks for visiting me today. I hope you were inspired and 
Today I am lining with my favorite Monday parties.